The volunteer effort is evolving into school service hours, service learning, biology classes studying water quality, Tree Troopers and other facets of community life on the Westbank. Wilderness programs are also becoming aware of the vast opportunities to study wildlife and nature at its best right here in the heart of New Orleans.
The Park is looking beautiful as a result of the cooperation between Parks and Parkways, Parkway Partners, Brown Danos Architects, Westbank Redevelopment, Friends of Brechtel Park, and the sincere interest and caring on the part of our elected officials--both city and state--to work together.
The enthusiasm of board members has been exciting and promises to be a great support toward fulfilling the responsibility for the "Adopt the Park" designation for the Friends group. The agreement to find groups who will help with mulching, cutting vines, and minimal cleanup will take everyone.
Please email Dr. Rebecca Brechtel at beckbrech@bellsouth.net or call 504-583-9011 if you have groups or ideas. Garden Clubs, scout troops, elementary school student councils, and other service oriented organizations are ENCOURAGED.